SeeSwitch 6S
KINGFEI SmartPanel series integrate TFT display and capacitive touch screen, Android system, ZWave/Zigbee/Enocean/BLE/WIFI controller/gateway and optional 1-2 wall switches together.
1.Speciallized for ZWave/Zigbee/Enocean/BLE/WIFI controller and display
   Powered by sigma ZWave ZM5202 module/TI Zigbee CC2530 module/Enocean TCM310 module/BLE module, Realtek WIFI module, TFT display and touch screen, it is ideal for ZWave/Zigbee/Enocean/BLE/WIFI controller/gateway.
2.Standard serial port API supported by Native Android OS for easily development of ZWave/Zigbee/Enocean/BLE/WIFI management software and applications.
3.Flexibilities for abundant Android applications.
   Powered by Android 4.4.2, TFT LCD, Multi-touch Capacitive Touch Screen,WIFI,Bluetooth,external memory card extension up to 32G bytes,USB OTG,2 Stero Speakers, and 1 mic, you can use it as digital photo frame on the wall, movies and web video player,  music player either on 2 speakers or on bluetooth earphone, internet surfing and social networking, as well as running any android applications you like.
4.Easy Installation
    It use standard wall base and AC power in so it can be directly installed into traditional wall junction box in NA/Europe/UK/ASIA region, without any changes on the wall and wireline.
5.Simple replacement and cost effective
    Wall junction boxes were there already in an existing house/apartment, customers maybe worry about there are no more place to install wall switch since Smartpanel occupy that junction box. Now, all our Smartpanels integrate 1-2 wall switches inside and physical switch control buttons on the panel, so it can directly replace traditional wall switches at where Smartpanel are installed, customers don't have to worry any more.

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