MediaSwitch 6S
MediaSwitch combine wireless wall light switch, IP video phone, remote security video monitor, IP photo frame, mutimedia render, and android terminal together. Just replacing traditional wall light switches with our MediaSwitch, then wall light switch become a interactive visible intelligent screen(of cause with wireless light switch inside), with only a little more cost increase.

Existing Wall Switch Replacement
Switch Number 2 gang
Load/Voltage 600 Watts / 100-240V AC
Control Touch 2 x Touches
Wireless Smart Home
WiFi 2.4G Hz b/g/n
Quad-Core CPU and Android Based
CPU/RAM/ Storage ARM Quad Core CPU 1.5G / 512M RAM / 4G(8G) FLASH Storage
OS Android
Internet Connected
WiFi 2.4G Hz b/g/n
Ethernet Fast Ethernet 100M by using external USB-Ethernet adapter  (need special order)
Multi-Media and Interaction
LCD Size 5" 16:9
TouchScreen Capacitive Touch Screen
Audio Out 2*2.5W Stereo Speakers
Audio In 1xMic
Imbedded Camera Yes
Convenient Power Supply and Installation
AC Power Input 100V-240V AC, 50-60HZ
Installation Installed into existing traditional Wall Junction Box on the wall
Physical Size 125.6x122.1mm (W x H)


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